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Photo by Steven Purcell

First Lady Michelle Obama Presents Sojourn to the Past with National Award at the White House.

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Sojourn has been certified by the Independent Charities of America.

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Sojourn to the Past

sojournproject @sojournproject
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
(2/2) If you see or experience racist behavior, language or violence, please do not remain silent. Speak up! Demand action! 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
(1/2)This is our reality. We've turned back the clock, and it is now acceptable to speak like George Wallace again… https://t.co/apUdQEINBs 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
So much reckoning to be done. Reconciliation is a necessary process. If we cannot face our history, we cannot pro… https://t.co/wtE1n0siSe 

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