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The sustainability of Sojourn to the Past is made possible by individuals, organizations, and leaders in the public and private sectors who are committed to human rights, to the pursuit of unique educational opportunities for youth, and to empowering youth to become positive contributors to society and agents of change. Sojourn is endorsed by a distinguished National Advisory Committee (click here) and by Community Partners (click here).

Sojourn has received significant grants and donations to support the program’s mission and goals. To view the complete roster of donors and grant support and to become a Sojourn donor, please click here!

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Thank you sooooo much for beginning this amazing program. It really is life changing… I learned so much and I loved every second of the trip and I feel so fortunate to have taken it. It was amazing to meet all the speakers and visit all the places that we did. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity… I really do feel like I can make a difference… Thank you so much for this amazing and inspiring trip.
-Melissa, Student

Civil Rights Resource Center