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civil rights at 50

March On Washington Save The Date Event

Sojourn is among the organizations partnering with the Equal Society on a three year campaign to observe, reflect, and learn from the 50th anniversaries of four of our nation’s seminal civil rights tipping points. Commencing in August along with other events, Sojourn joined with the Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute at Stanford in a community symposium, entitled “The March on Washington: 50th Anniversary” presented by Bill Doggett Productions. Sojourn facilitated a panel discussion on intergenerational dialogue featuring Bay Area Civil Rights Movement veterans and youth leaders. The mission of the Symposium was to be a think tank for Bay Area progressives inspired by the legacies of the March on Washington. Sojourn is represented on the Equal Justice Society’s steering committee for the three-year campaign.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier Invites Sojourn to Participate in Summit on Safe Schools and Communities
Sojourn was invited by Congresswoman Jackie Speier to serve on a panel (April) for her summit, “Beyond Newtown – How to Ensure Safe Schools and Communities” which was held at Oracle. The audience was comprised of 300 leaders, representing ten cities in San Mateo County in the fields of education, government, law enforcement, and mental health to share their knowledge and collaborate on strategies to create safer schools, increase access to mental health services and strengthen ongoing community collaboration. Sojourn suggested that every classroom in these cities post Dr. King’s Principles of Non-Violence.

Sojourn Invited to Partner on National Civil Rights Conference

Sojourn was invited to partner with the Mayors of the cities of Meridian and Philadelphia, Mississippi on designing the Third National Civil Rights Conference in Meridian (June) entitled: “Rise, Advocate, Educate and Cooperate: Voices of Heroic Women and Men in the Civil Rights Movement,” at which Sojourn delivered a keynote presentation and conducted a workshop for educators. 

You are an inspiring teacher. My students who do mediocre work for me did all the work for you. I am trying to emulate you.
-Wendy, Teacher

Civil Rights Resource Center