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Doing a research paper on the Civil Rights Movement or a Civil Rights Leader?

King Papers Project and the Liberation Curriculum website

The King Papers Project is the most extensive collection of Dr. King’s writings, speeches and sermons. Thousands of documents have been made available online! For doing research on Dr. King, social justice and human rights, go to this site!

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee website

This site covers SNCC from its birth in 1960 until 1966, when John Lewis was replaced by Stokely Carmichael as chairman. The site offers background information on major events such as the sit-ins and the Freedom Rides, biographies of SNCC members and an extensive timeline.

Sovereignty Commission website

The Commission investigators toured the state of Mississippi and compiled reports on civil rights activists. Here you can search for names of Mississippians who were involved in civil rights during the movement and examine the information collected. If you are covering the Bill of Rights in your government class this could turn into a thought provoking project. Try searching “Medgar Evers” or “Vernon Dahmer”.

Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement website

This timeline showcases key events in civil rights history beginning in 1472.   It includes images and serves as a great tool for reviewing the major events of the movement or a resource for a research paper.

Our Documents website

Here you can find 100 historical documents, from Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) to Executive Order 10730 that integrated Central High in 1957, in their original form as well as word-processed. For your research papers and class project in your US History class this site is an incredible resource.

Don’t forget the resources available through the museums we visit during the journey.

Sojourn to the Past experiences accorded me with the opportunity to reflect on who I and and on how I teach my courses.
-Joseph, Professor

Civil Rights Resource Center