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Middle School Itinerary

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Sojourn to the Past has expanded its nationally renowned, educational experiences to include journeys developmentally tailored for students in middle and elementary schools. We offer two transformative journeys to meet the specific academic needs of the participating schools. One journey focuses on Washington D.C. and the surrounding area, and the other journey is experienced in the American South. Both journeys involve the examination of America’s struggle for liberty, and the fight for human equality and social justice. Each of these journeys aligns with the Common Core State Standards established by the California Department of Education. The process of designing a journey is collaborative and is reflective of the school’s curriculum, and teacher input for the itinerary is actively sought and welcomed.

Each journey is a six day, five night experience and is customized to be an interactive historical and transformative living history immersion program for middle and elementary school students. It is led by award winning teachers, who engage students in
hands on learning experiences, such as reenacting Picket’s Charge in Gettysburg.

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Middle School Agenda

It’s been about four months since I went on Sojourn and I have tried to adopt the principles of nonviolence. When I have children, it is how I shall raise them.
-Dan, Student

Civil Rights Resource Center