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Middle School D.C. Journey

Middle School Washington D.C. Journey


Sojourn to the Past is unique, transformative and empowering academic immersion program that takes 8th grade students on a six day moving classroom journey through the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

The academic Sojourn to the Past experience connects the 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum while bringing the lessons of our shared American history to life. Sojourn’s educational approach incorporates music, text and video into a curriculum that introduces students to the inconsistencies of America’s founding documents with subsequent legislation and policies. Students will engage with lessons in onsite classrooms at our nation’s most important memorials and revered settings. The focus of our trip is: Struggles for Liberty.

Sojourn to the Past’s vision is to inspire students across America to become engaged community leaders who promote social justice through nonviolent principles.


Students reflecting through art in front of Monticello
Students meet with leading Jefferson historian/impersonator
Students take a guided tour of the battlefield from a leading Gettysburg guide
Picket's Charge
Students reenact "Picket's Charge"
MLK Memorial
Students reflect on how they can make changes in their own schools and commun
Lincoln Memorial
Students having a lesson at night in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Students having a lesson outside of the Jefferson Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Students reflect at the Vietnam Memorial
Minnijean Brown Trickey
Minnijean Brown Trickey, one of the Little Rock Nine, speaks to the students about her role in the Civil Rights Movement and how the students can make social change in their own communities.
Sojourn to the Past was definitely a pivotal point in my life and certainly a large part of the reason I work in advocacy now.
-Esther, former participant

Civil Rights Resource Center