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Sojourn to the Past

sojournproject @sojournproject
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
If you're interested, please contact Shannon at the office by emailing info@sojournproject.com or DM us! 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
CALL TO ACTION: Looking for Alumni to take over our FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts for a day. We want to elevat… https://t.co/K9YBJkU52f 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
Thank you @CoryBooker for standing up for your values and fighting for the Constitutional rights of these players. https://t.co/03RKFT3U5L 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @IGNITE_National:Much of our nation’s political talent pool remains on the sidelines. Get out there and RUN FOR OFFICE. https://t.co/yXWcwvogsT 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @HRC:VICTORY: Pakistan has enacted a historic law providing protections for #transgender people in employment, education… https://t.co/vKawgVxpUz 

Not only are your students prepared for and open to my life lessons, they are compassionate, considerate and dedicated to making change in our country. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of young people and thank you for helping change our country.
-Congressman John Lewis, Member of the Sojourn National Advisory Committee

Civil Rights Resource Center