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Upcoming Sojourn Journeys

7 Day High School Journey Dates:

February Journey: Friday, Feb 12th – Thursday, Feb 18th

March Journey: Friday, March 25th – Thursday, March 31st

More information of the 7 Day High School Journey


Middle School  Journey Dates:  November Journey: Saturday, Nov 7th – Friday, Nov 13th  More information of the Middle School Washington DC Journey

Above are the upcoming scheduled journey’s for the 2014-15 year. Please contact the sojourn office at info@sojournproject.com or (650)952-1510 if you are interested in receiving more information on how to join us for these journeys. If you are interested in working with sojourn to design a custom journey for your school, please contact us.

I've never gained so much courage or confidence or determination to do something about the injustice I see before. I learned so many important things in history and that related to my life such as Elizabeth Eckford's quote, 'Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.
-Serena, student

Civil Rights Resource Center