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Sojourn to the Past

sojournproject @sojournproject
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @Norcal_Jen:Our next generation. So proud and grateful my daughter had this experience. https://t.co/U8VoTktffA 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
Our students in Little Rock, AK, walking in the historic steps of the #LittleRockNine, who desegregated Central Hig… https://t.co/J1j0L0oz3e 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @HRC:Today, we honor Heather Heyer who was killed during the horrific violence that took place in #Charlottesville one y… https://t.co/fBoPoq2NKz 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
Sojourn middle school students at the #JeffersonMemorial in D.C. with Bill Barker, a Jefferson historian and impers… https://t.co/O3UC6RkRNI 

I've never gained so much courage or confidence or determination to do something about the injustice I see before. I learned so many important things in history and that related to my life such as Elizabeth Eckford's quote, 'Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.
-Serena, student

Civil Rights Resource Center