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Sojourn to the Past

sojournproject @sojournproject
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @Lin_Manuel:Not even close to normal. Thank YOU, all of you who give. Contact your leaders and tell 'em to meet your response. https://t.co/coH9snTZdI 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @Lin_Manuel:In record time, an Almost Like Praying music video. Watch, enjoy, and DONATE: https://t.co/RzM7fnYpQq 
Sojourn to the Past  @sojournproject
RT @FullFrontalSamB:.@amy_hoggart visited MIT where they developed the vaccine to fake news, but this is America so people just aren’t… https://t.co/B04gPTWykG 

This trip changes peoples' lives for the better and makes us realize that we can be the change...we are ordinary people who can do extraordinary things. This trip has made me become a better person. Thank you so much for being part of my change. Everyone should be able to have this experience to change for the better.
-Monica, Student

Civil Rights Resource Center